About the 100 Women Project

Installation shot from the most recent install at C3 Labs in Charlotte, NC


*UPDATE as of January 1, 2020*
This project is no longer accepting submissions.

The project is looking for a permanent home (or homes!)

A section of the project was installed in Fort Mill, SC at a cooperative preschool. The rest of the vines are still looking for a permanent home – if you represent an organization that might be a good fit for a portion of the project, have them fill out this form!

This project was on view again! A selection of vines from this project were on view at C3 Labs in Charlotte, NC in the fall of 2019.

Want to see the #100womenproject on display in your space? Email amy@amyreaderartist.com to inquire about loans and acquisitions.

The purpose of this page is to promote the #100womenproject, an art project that engages women around the world by contributing a small piece to a large art installation. The goal for this project was for at least 100 women to crochet one or more of these wisteria vines and submit them for installation.

During the open submission period, over 500 women from 25+ countries crocheted and submitted approximately 2500 vines.

The aim of this project is to showcase the strength and individuality of the women who participate. That is why the color of yarn and length of the vine are left to the discretion of the participants. Each woman submitted one index card with their name and hometown on it and the cards are displayed alongside the installation.

This project started as the capstone piece of the artist, Amy Reader’s, time as an undergraduate student and is a part of her Honors Thesis Exhibition at the University of Richmond. The time for submissions has closed and a partial installation of the project can be viewed at C3 Labs in Charlotte, NC. 

Any questions can be directed to amy@amyreaderartist.com. You can also find me on Instagram at @amyreaderartist

47 thoughts on “About the 100 Women Project

  1. Amy Young says:

    I have been friends with the artist’s Mom since she was one year old. Both our families lived in Wheaton, Illinois, and within months both families moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Even though I now live in Wisconsin, Amy’s Mom and I are close friends. It’s been a treasure to be part of the Reader family through the years.

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  2. Doris Kerns says:

    Is this something you do all the time, I don’t crochet but I do knit, so if you do a knitting project please let me know , Thanks Doris Kerns


    • amyisareader says:

      Hi there! This project is for a specific show as part of my senior thesis exhibition. There are beginner crocheting instructions if you’re interested in learning how! Thanks so much for your interest!

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  3. Diane Doyle says:

    Very interesting and creative idea for a thesis. Is this limited to U.S. crocheters or can Canada get into the mix? Would love to do a vine if possible. If not, I understand. will follow your journey no matter what. Good luck and hope this goes beyond your wildest dreams.

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  4. Ashley Walker says:

    I just chained 75. To start, how many chains in do we do our first triple crochet? Do we do it into the 2nd chain from the hook or 3rd/4th?? Confused!!!


    • amyisareader says:

      Hi there! Sorry for the confusion! The length of the chain is not important – it’s super flexible and you can make it however long you want! I always go in three before beginning my triple stitches, but that’s just what works for me! I hope that helps! The pattern is just meant as a guide and a starting place! Don’t feel the need to follow it to the letter!


  5. Michele Miller says:

    2 coming from San Francisco!!. What a fun project. I like everything about it. I can’t wait to see the final project. I am going to ask my cousin who lives near you to see if she can go and see it in person. Good Luck!!!


  6. Misty Everett says:

    Hi Amy!

    I had so much fun making my vines & I put them in the mail today. They said they should make it there by Monday. Can’t wait to see your project completed!


  7. Angela Vader says:

    Hi Amy!
    So curious if my white vine from Holland had arrived in time…
    Please let me know, also very curious how your vine-art-project is evolving!


    • amyisareader says:

      Hi Angela!
      I’ve been sorting through over 150 packages this weekend, so don’t fret if you haven’t heard from me yet! I will be sending out confirmation emails to everyone who filled out the form on “guidelines for participation” so as long as your email address is there, you will get an email when I open your package! It’s just slow going because there are so many.


    • amyisareader says:

      Hi Misty! I am currently sorting through about 200+ packages and I’m trying to get an email out by the end of the week! Please hang in there with me as it takes awhile on my end! Thank you!!!


  8. dalta7 says:

    Just received your email telling me you had received my wisteria. Wish I lived close enough to help with the installation. I can hardly wait to see the pictures!!! Did you tell us if your installation will be open for public viewing? And if so, what are the dates? I would love to come see it!!

    Dorothy Petrie

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    • amyisareader says:

      Hi Dorothy! It is indeed open to the public at 6 W 21st Street, Richmond, VA and the opening is on May 1 from 6-9 and the space is open May 2-9 from 3-7pm. I hope you can come down and see it!

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  9. Char Andreachi says:

    Hello Amy, I sent you 3 vines for your project in March. I am in Wisconsin, is there a place where I can see pictures of your creation, I am very curious on how it came out, a wonderful thesis project. Hope all went well!!!


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