Updates as of March 4, 2015


I had to take a selfie when I received the first vine in the mail!

First off, I have to say THANK YOU for the wonderful response that I have received for this project! I have loved hearing from all of you and I received the very first vine in the mail this week and I have been receiving pictures from other women who have also completed a vine! Keep working and sharing! If you post to social media, make sure to use the hashtag #100womenproject so we can all follow along!

Secondly, based on all of your wonderful feedback I have made some adjustments to this website! Thanks for sticking with me! This is a learning process and I am doing my best to adapt!

The updates I have made have been adding this form for all of you so that you can submit your e-mail and I will send you a confirmation when I receive your vine in the mail! If you have already contacted me via e-mail, then don’t worry about filling out that form! If you have not, then please fill it out so I know to expect a vine from you!

I have also updated the crochet pattern to be more specific and hopefully eliminate any confusion!

Additionally, I have beefed up the FAQ page and as I continue to receive questions, I will keep adding to it!

Thanks so much to everyone who has participated so far and keep on sharing it with your friends! I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful vines that you all will create!

❤ Amy


2 thoughts on “Updates as of March 4, 2015

  1. Lisa Stafford says:

    Found your project thru instagram. Artists are those who create beauty. Women have done this for centuries, maybe not famously, but in very creative ways (raising children, keeping a safe warm home, seeing the world’s beauty in the simple things). Good look on your project. Planning on submitting a vine for you soon. I’m sure your exhibit will be beautiful.
    Lisa, from Michigan.

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