Updates Galore!!

Hello All!!

It has been a wonderful week in the land of crocheted wisteria vines! I have become great friends with the awesome people at the post office – I’ve been getting so much mail they have given me my own bin!

My very own bin in the post office!

My very own bin in the post office!

Seriously, it has been fantastically overwhelming. I had 14 packages today! That’s the most in one day so far!

If you haven’t seen, there is now a KNITTING PATTERN on the website thanks to the knitting magic of Julzy!

Also, check out all the awesome places around the web the 100 Women Project has been featured! Let me know if I missed anywhere!

Stitch and Unwind

Red Heart Yarn


Crochet Concupiscence

Zen Crochet

If you are just now starting your vine and are wondering what colors to use, I would LOVE some more light/pastel colors because I am lacking in that department a little bit. Also, as a reminder – you do not have to follow the pattern exactly! Feel free to spice it up! Just make sure it resembles wisteria! Here are some pictures of wisteria for inspiration!

Even the seed pods of wisteria are beautiful!

Happy hooking!

❤ Amy


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