The Final Countdown


Today is April 1, which means that plenty of people are pulling pranks, but I am counting down the days until the exhibition opens! In just 30 short days, the install will be up and on display! TOMORROW is the day for the big Learn-to-Crochet event! Click here for details!

Don’t forget to get your vines in the mail by April 10!! That day is fast approaching! 

Also – if you are a participant in the project, I want to hear from you! Click here for your voice to be heard! I want to know what you have liked/disliked so far and any suggestions for improvement over the next 30 days!

During this whole project, I have been so excited to see such a diverse array of vines every time I open a package! I love seeing what you all have created, and reading your index cards and learning just a little bit about the amazing person that created the vines I’m holding. A quote that has become my motto for this school year and this project is “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” – Maya Angelou

My wonderful apartment mates! Sometimes I forget how short I am…

This quote was used at the beginning of the year to describe my beautifully diverse apartment – all four of us are from different countries, have four different majors, and the list goes on. Through this project, that quote has come to mean so much more as I am reminded of that beautiful diversity every day when I open my mail, or read an index card. As I am striving to capture just a glimpse of all of the beauty and strength of the diverse group of women from around the world in this one project, I keep coming back to that quote and I truly think it embodies the goal of this piece.


4 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

    • amyisareader says:

      Great! I’ve received a ton in the past two days so tomorrow night I’m going to sit down and sort them all and send out confirmation emails!


    • amyisareader says:

      Can’t wait to get them!
      I am going to be apply for grants so that I can show the project again after this exhibition. I’ll be posting what the future plans on for the piece on this website hopefully in late May!


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