The #100womenproject is on view again!

Hey all! It has been a minute – but I wanted to pop in and let everyone know that a section of the #100womenproject is on view in Charlotte, NC at C3 Labs – you can view more information about the exhibition here. I will be popping back in to update with installation pictures and more in the coming weeks! The reception is Friday, September 6th from 7-10 pm and there will be artist talks on Sunday, September 8th from 2-4!


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at




Exhibition Date and Location!!

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It’s official!! The 100 Women Project will be opening on May 1, 2015 at Lovebomb in downtown Richmond, VA as a part of my senior thesis exhibition! The show will run from May 1 – May 9, 2015.

This has been an incredibly exciting week for the project! If you missed it, the 100 Women Project was feature on this week so be sure to check it out!

My first international package!

My first international package!

Today I received my first international vine all the way from Australia! I am expecting vines from Germany, London, Scotland, Canada, Argentina and the Philippines and I’m so excited!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has participated so far! I am so thankful for all of the kind people I have met from all around the world through this project! You are all truly amazing! Keep sharing the project with your friends and posting to the hashtag!

❤ Amy

Behind the Scenes: What I’m Currently Doing with the Vines

Hello hello!!

Today, I’m going to be giving all of you a little peak into my studio at what I am doing with the vines as I am receiving them. The past week has been filled with lots of packages of beautiful vines! Also, I befriended the people who work at the post office because they will be seeing a lot of me for the next few weeks! Here is just a glimpse of what how I am cataloging the vines!

When each vine is received, I make a little tag for it with the name of the creator. If that person submitted more than one, the vines are numbered.

When each vine is received, I make a little tag for it with the name of the creator. If that person submitted more than one, the vines are numbered.

Whenever I get a new package, I create one of those little tags for it and input the information from the index card into a spreadsheet that details what each vine looks like, who made it and what city/state/country it is from. I am also going to be photographing each vine individually so that I can pair a picture of each vine with the person who made it, but until then they all have the names attached!


This is the tallest vine I have received so far! For reference, I am 5’2″. Over the next few weeks, I will be measuring each vine and recording that information in a spiffy little spreadsheet.

It has been pretty exciting to see the wide variety in lengths, colors, yarn weight and textures that each person has used to create a vine! I love opening each package and seeing a new, unique vine!


The longest vine and the shortest vine side by side!

There has been a ton of variety in the vines!


All of the vines are currently hanging from my ceiling while I work through how I want to display them in the exhibition.

This is the equivalent of “sketching” as I am working through how to display the vines.


My lovely ladder because I lack the height to move the vines around without it


Another view of the vines hanging out in my studio!

The index cards are currently being stored in a box until I find the right book to use to display them. This has been an exciting week! I can’t wait to see all of the new vines that will come in!

Crochet Catch Up! Updates as of March 11!

Hello Fellow Crocheters!

Whether you’ve been following this project since day one, or just heard about it last week, I’m glad you’re here! Here are some updates on the project so far! If you have mailed me a vine in the past week, I am currently on spring break until Saturday, March 14 and I will be sending out all of my confirmation e-mails on March 16, so keep an eye out for those if your vine is in the mail!

More vines!

More vines!

Over the past few weeks, I have been able to teach several friends and family how to crochet – which has been great! If you live in Richmond, keep your eyes open in the next few days because I will be announcing the date of a meet up where people in the city can learn to crochet! Look for announcement in the next week or so about that!

Katherine learning to crochet!

Katherine learning to crochet

Katherine finished two vines!

Katherine finished two vines!

Updates by the numbers:

This website has been viewed in over 36 different countries.
People from 6 different countries have committed to participating in the project.
The most number of vines crocheted by one person so far is 10.
This site has been live for 13 days and there have been over 5,200 hits.
At least 30 people have participated so far.

Those are all the updates so far! How about all of you? How are your vines going?