Crochet Pattern



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This pattern is an example based on worsted weight yarn and a size J hook – adjust the measurements as necessary to your own yarn and hook size.

*Please note this pattern is meant to be a guide – the numbers are just approximations and counting is not important! A chain of 75 will give you a medium length vine and take 1-2 hours to complete, but that is simply a suggestion! Chain as many as you want! Feel free to make changes to make the vine your own! As long as the finished piece still resembles wisteria, have fun with it!*

1. Chain 75 (chain longer if you want your vine to be longer)

2. Turn and two triple crochet in each chain for a total of 150 triple stitches

3. Turn and for the next 50 stitches two triple crochet in each – creating 100 triple stitches

4. For the next 40 stitches two double crochet in each – creating 80 double stitches (180 stitches total for this row)

5. For the next 30 stitches two half-double crochet in each – creating 60 half-double stitches (240 total stitches for this row)

6. For the next 10 stitches two single crochet in each – creating 20 single stitches (260 total for the second row)

7. Tie off and weave in ends

*If desired, repeat steps 3-7 to make the top of the vine larger

*By doubling the stitches each time, it create the spiral effect and the goal is to go from large to small in a cone shape. The measurements are just estimates – adjust according to your yarn and hook size!

This project is completely flexible! Each vine/tendril is unique to you! Make this as long or as short and as thick or thin as you want! Use whatever color and whatever yarn your heart desires! That’s the point! Each vine is different, but all together they create a beautiful display!


Example of a vine that is wider at the top with three rows of triple crochet


Long vine with three rows of triple crochet at the top


Shorter and thinner vine with only two rows of triple crochet at the top


All of the vines together!


Second view of all of the vines


36 thoughts on “Crochet Pattern

      • amyisareader says:

        No worries! I’m so glad you participated! I’m out of town for the week, but I will be sending out everyone confirmation emails when I get back so make sure your filled out the form on the Guidelines for Participation page so I can let you know that I received your vine!! Thanks so much!!


  1. Carina says:

    Amy – you may want to look at N°5 in your pattern – looks like a typo to me (it’s either 15 sts creating 30 or 30 sts creating 60), but you’ve probably seen this all along.


  2. Rachael says:

    I did one this weekend and liked it so much I did 2 more the same night! I’m going to send in these 3 now, but may very well send in more later. I have family in Richmond so it’s exciting to me that they’ll get to see it!


  3. Robin Wahls says:

    I just found out about this last night, went to my stash of yarn (which is overtaking my house!) And have already finished one and a half blossoms. I would love it if you could email me a picture or two of your finished project.


    • amyisareader says:

      That’s great, Robin!! Check back on the website in May and I will be posting pictures of the final installation! I will also be posting progress pictures along the way!


  4. Ginger says:

    What type of packaging would you recommend for mailing? Do you prefer a box or bubble envelope mailer? What have others been using ?



    • amyisareader says:

      I have gotten both and they both work well! The vines flatten pretty well and so envelopes work really well! Honestly, whatever is easier for you is fine!


  5. Lee Ann Beausejour says:

    Is it too late? I just read about your project. I am in DC, in the hospital and have yarn and time on hands.


  6. Deanna Brennan says:

    I will begin today as I just got the message on Facebook this morning. I will have in the mail on time. Excited to help. Looking forward to the pictures of the finished product. Dee


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