The Final Countdown


Today is April 1, which means that plenty of people are pulling pranks, but I am counting down the days until the exhibition opens! In just 30 short days, the install will be up and on display! TOMORROW is the day for the big Learn-to-Crochet event! Click here for details!

Don’t forget to get your vines in the mail by April 10!! That day is fast approaching! 

Also – if you are a participant in the project, I want to hear from you! Click here for your voice to be heard! I want to know what you have liked/disliked so far and any suggestions for improvement over the next 30 days!

During this whole project, I have been so excited to see such a diverse array of vines every time I open a package! I love seeing what you all have created, and reading your index cards and learning just a little bit about the amazing person that created the vines I’m holding. A quote that has become my motto for this school year and this project is “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” – Maya Angelou

My wonderful apartment mates! Sometimes I forget how short I am…

This quote was used at the beginning of the year to describe my beautifully diverse apartment – all four of us are from different countries, have four different majors, and the list goes on. Through this project, that quote has come to mean so much more as I am reminded of that beautiful diversity every day when I open my mail, or read an index card. As I am striving to capture just a glimpse of all of the beauty and strength of the diverse group of women from around the world in this one project, I keep coming back to that quote and I truly think it embodies the goal of this piece.


Crochet Meet Up!!

Calling all Richmonders!! Don’t know how to crochet but you still want to participate? Come to the University of Richmond at the Gateway Village Common Room on Tuesday April 2, 2015 from 4-8pm and learn how! Click here for the full event details!

Here is a map of how to find the common room from off campus!

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