More Pictures!!

Hey there!

So after successfully moving out of one apartment, one studio, two gallery shows AND graduating from college, I am finally home (Charlotte, NC) and have some more pictures for all of you! Click on an image to enter into gallery mode and scroll through the pictures!

Now that I am back and things are settling down, I’ll be working on getting a map together so you all can see where all of the submissions came from! There are still a few things to wrap up at the end of this incredible project, and I’ll make sure to keep you all updated throughout this process!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!
❤ Amy


12 thoughts on “More Pictures!!

  1. daisygirl says:

    Your project is beautiful. 🙂 Congratulations for having a dream and making it happen. :)))) And for graduating and relocating and all of life’s crazy daily excitement. My brother and his family live in Charlotte. His daughter is an artist, too.


    • amyisareader says:

      It was very well received! The whole department was very supportive throughout the whole project and they all said wonderful things about it at the opening! Also thank you!


  2. Stephanie B. says:

    Congratulations! it looks wonderful! Congratulations on graduating and getting home too. A bus time but you did it.


  3. Dotty Snow says:

    Hi is out for the Summer..or maybe no more school? Jack and I enjoyed our visit we wish you luck with all your future projects. Enjoy your time off.


    • amyisareader says:

      Hi Dotty!
      Thanks so much! No more school for right now – but grad school is in my future at a later point!
      I’m so glad you and Jack made it down to see the install!
      ❤ Amy


  4. Denise says:

    I was hoping that somewhere there might be a thesis statement explaining the design and it’s intent. Am I missing some text somewhere?


    • amyisareader says:

      Hi Denise! The written part of my thesis was a 15 minute oral presentation in front of the faculty encompassing a larger body of work, so I chose not to put that online. All of the text supporting this project is on the blog portion of this website!


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